right to lifeI am adamantly against any form of abortion, for any reason. I believe we should take the necessary steps to educate Missourians on the sanctity of life. This should include support of pro-life care centers, waiting periods, availability of ultra sound machines (so would-be mothers would have the opportunity to see the life inside of them), and an overall education on adoption and child care.


Missouri teachers and students deserve the best educational programs possible. While many states and budgets are cutting education and some are claiming we are not spending enough on this important issue, the fact is we currently spend about 1/3 of our State budget on education in Missouri.  This commitment to properly funding education and encouraging teacher training is a great start to offering valuable education to every  child in Missouri. Yet, there is still work to be done! Our teachers and schools deserve our support and resources, affording every child in the State a quality education must be a priority. There are some other wonderful educational environments that can be options. These include home schools, charter schools, which enables parents, instead of the state, the choice of how their children are educated.

Government Spending

Government spending is out of control. It is not the role of government to fund inefficient private businesses, nor can the government afford to be inefficient itself. We need to reduce overlapping bureaucracies and fraud in order to better provide for Missouri.


nra_endorsementLife-Member.  I believe the 2nd Amendment guarantees the rights of every law abiding American citizens to be armed. I firmly believe that this amendment was placed to keep American’s free and allow them to protect themselves from any and all enemies. The founding fathers of our nation were not concerned with our rights to hunt as much as they were concerned about the tyranny of government; this is the reason they provided for the 2nd amendment.  Missourians have been trusted with firearms and have proven that trustworthiness through-out the state.  Therefore, I am against any infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights.


It is obvious that our current health care system has problems, including providing for the uninsured (approx. 5% of Americans)  affordability and pre-existing condition restrictions. However, these issues should be, and can be corrected without government run healthcare. It is the free enterprise system of the United States that has made America what it is. It is because of this free enterprise system in health care that allows doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to provide the finest care, education and medication than anywhere in the world. To dismantle our healthcare system and replace it with another inefficient government run, tax supported program, would be detrimental to Missouri’s and our nations economy.


As the Chairman of International Trade and Job Creation in the MO. House, I have worked very hard to see that Missouri’s business environment is healthy to attracting good paying jobs to our state. While the Government does not in effect create jobs, we can do a lot by getting rid of unnecessary regulations, reforming outdated tax codes, and using incentives to bring new industries to our community.


The longstanding tradition of the Republican Party has been to keep taxes as low as possible. This has been evident in Missouri, from the zero percent tax increase since the Republican Party has been in majority of the House and Senate. It is my stance that we continue this tradition keeping taxes low and ensuring more money in the hands of Missourians rather than in the government coffers. It is my belief that if we will give business men and women control of their own money, they will spend it by increasing the size of their business, hiring employees and thereby helping the economy grow.