Thank you for letting me serve

I am truly honored to serve as your Missouri State Representative, and fully believe that it is the government that works for the people.
As your state representative, I strive to bring the issues that are important to you, your family, and our community to the forefront of Missouri politics. To help create jobs, improve our schools, and help make sure our government is accountable to the people. Together, we can make this great state even better.
Please feel free to contact me at 573-751-3751 or Thank you for taking an active role by voicing your opinions on our state and national governmental matters.
Warmest Regards,
John McCaherty

General Assembly Gives Final Approval to Legislation Containing State Rep. John McCaherty’s Language to Honor Korean War Veterans

Veterans who have received a Korea Defense Service Medal could obtain special license plates under legislation approved by the Missouri General Assembly. The legislation (SB 254) contains language identical to that in a bill (HB 229) sponsored by state Rep. John McCaherty. McCaherty said the legislation will serve as a way to properly recognize soldiers […]


Municipal Court Reform

(SB 5) Legislation that will crack down on the predatory practices some municipalities have used to raise revenue through excessive traffic tickets. Limits the amount of revenue municipalities can generate from traffic tickets to 20 percent, which is down from the current limit of 30 percent. The bill further limits municipalities in St. Louis County […]