Thank you for letting me serve

I am truly honored to serve as your Missouri State Representative, and fully believe that it is the government that works for the people.
As your state representative, I strive to bring the issues that are important to you, your family, and our community to the forefront of Missouri politics. To help create jobs, improve our schools, and help make sure our government is accountable to the people. Together, we can make this great state even better.
Please feel free to contact me at 573-751-3751 or Thank you for taking an active role by voicing your opinions on our state and national governmental matters.
Warmest Regards,
John McCaherty

Looking for Something Specific?

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Preventing Identity Theft (SB 624)

With more than 13 million Americans victimized by identity thieves in 2015, the crime of identity theft continues to be a prevalent problem across the country. In particular, identity thieves tend to target credit cards and bank cards for their crimes, with approximately 86 percent of identity theft victims seeing their existing bank accounts compromised. […]